nick petro  (email is my primary mode of communication)  1 (724) 759-1720


nick petro

(email is my primary mode of communication)

1 (724) 759-1720

Nick Petro

i am a computer engineering student at the university of pittsburgh. i first began my photography in my sophomore year of high school and have only found a greater interest and love for it as time has progressed. i currently work as a software engineer at first insight and have extensive programming experience. my passion for photography has almost strictly been a hobby to this point, however i hope to be able to share my pictures with more people. this website was designed to share what i am passionate about: my portfolio to display my photos, my projects to share what i have been working on, and my blog to express my thoughts and ideas for the future. thanks for checking it out!

the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. it is the source of all true art and science.
— albert einstein


featured in usa today "back to school fashion", 2013

winner of the marley nature instagram competition, 2013


me, myself, and i

i do all of my work myself while balancing college and work, if you are trying to get in contact with me, it may take a short time before i respond, but do not take that personally. thanks!