makey makey gaming controller

- "Call of duty: makey makey warfare" -

“Call of Duty: Makey Makey Warfare” serves to enhance the gaming experience with the inclusion of more realistic movements and actions as opposed to traditional gaming controllers such as an Xbox controller. The nature of the controller can cause hand problems and joint pain and does stimulate the user’s body. Our product not only creates a more realistic gaming experience, but also alleviates those problems. The user has to stand up and move around in order to play. Controls are located throughout the gun so the user has to move not only his or her hands, but his or her arms much like reloading and firing a gun in real life. For games that may take hours, this added movement can keep the body healthy.

This idea has been tossed around by several gaming communities, but has not been manufactured as a mainstream product yet. There exist several prototypes such as an Xbox based gun created by an avid gamer at a hackathon. Our product would fill this moderately popular niche since first-person shooters are fairly common topics of discussion in the gaming world. In addition, our product is rather cheap to construct since it is encased in a plastic Nerf gun chassis while the foot pad is simply foamcore and sheetmetal.


The gun went through two revisions, the first being a concept pretotype that functioned and proved that all the button positioning would be effective and user friendly. All of the components were then moved to the inside of the gun and the inside was gutted to both make room for the components and keep them secured in the best locations for durability. The process for this was to first open and gut the gun of most of its inner components, then, using a Dremel, plastic was carved out of certain sections to fit the MakeyMakey board in the proper location with access to the miniUSB port on the board when the gun was put back together. Next, the locations of all the holes that needed to be drilled were mapped out on the inside and drilled. These holes were to feed the wires through and make a connection from the board inside to the buttons on the outside. Following this, all the wires were cut, stripped, and soldered into place both on the board and to the button strips on the outside of the gun. Finally after everything was in place, the wiring connections were all hot-glued in place to ensure durability and maintain pleasing visual aesthetics. The gun was then closed back up and with the code uploaded, could be connected to any computer via bluetooth. Let the gaming begin.


the controller is the heart of the project with full trigger motion, enough buttons for mapping every action, and integrated bluetooth with rechargeable li-po battery for hours of cord free play.


the footpad controls player movement by stepping on the arrow pads, currently it is tethered to the controller, but newer bluetooth technology would allow it to connect separately, creating a true cordless gaming experience.

Have a question about the project? feel free to contact me and i would be happy to answer any questions you may have!