pitt makerspace

- the university of pittsburgh's first maker space! -

The University of Pittsburgh Makerspace is dedicated to helping students of all majors and disciplines gain hands-on experience in design and fabrication. It strives to provide students with a safe and collaborative environment with suitable facilities for collaboration, learning, design, and fabrication. By gaining entry to the Makerspace, students have access to a wide range of well-maintained equipment and useful training, helping to catalyze the design and creation of the most creative and advanced technological projects at Pitt. Pitt Makerspace users are expected to uphold the community mission of the Makerspace, respect the rights of other individuals, and uphold the integrity of resources the Makerspace provides its users.

ideate | design | make

the pitt makerspace room is laid out in a fashion that promotes a methodical approach to innovation. When you first enter the room you find a whiteboard on your left, a big whiteboard table to your right surrounded by two gigantic l-shaped couches for maximum collaboration and ideation. Next, once you have your idea, you can use the countless tools and items on the shelves in front of you to pretotype your idea (a step even before prototyping). you can then take that prototype over to the huge custom-made work tables that fill the middle of the room. these tables give you a place to work, whether that is alone or with your group of any size. finally, you can use any of the tools from the massive red toolbox to your right and materials in the back of the room to fabricate your design prototype on any of the industrial grade workbenches along the back wall. If you need a more organic shape, there are 3d printers next to the toolbox and plenty of filament for any project. when all is said and done, there are two Tv's in the room that can be used for presenting your creation to any and all who you can get to see. There are lots of other resources in the room that i don't just want to list out here, but i built this space in conjunction with the university of pittsburgh: swanson school of engineering to give all students access to these types of resources and inspire creative confidence. 

collaboration space

the two gigantic couches are the first thing you notice when you walk into the room and while they create a more comfortable environment, they also promote collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.

design tools

the custom built massive shelving unit at the very front of the room boasts rows of low resolution materials for any project and even a custom mount for the large flatscreen tv that is perfect for presentations while your audience can relax on the couches.

Have a question about the project? feel free to contact me and i would be happy to answer any questions you may have