my photo portfolio

this is my portfolio for my photography, as you scroll down take time to click through the photos in each section to see if there are any that speak to or inspire you!


these are my photos of people, capturing the moments we share alone or with others


these are my photos of light, I try to have keep it isolated to showcase the way it is situated in our environment


these are my photos of animals, our companions on this planet, they fascinate us, provide us with inspiration for inventions, and can often be our best friends


these are my photos of water, from a functional standpoint it keeps us alive, but never ceases to impress us with its gracefulness and power


these are my photos of nature, we are always attempting to capture it or recreate it, but are never able to do so as well as it does itself


these are my photos of cars, our favorite motorized creations in their most impressive and wacky forms


these are my photos of the beach, a place of relaxation and wonder, it has often been associated with thought and self-reflection


these are my photos of plants, we cannot live without most of them, and often they are beautiful, with some being as dangerous as they are beautiful


these are my photos of things, all of the things that are around us but often are not appreciated for more than their functionality


these are my photos of insects, some we hate and some we covet but they all play a role in nature


these are my photos of my dc trip freshman year of college, our nation's capitol and home to dozens of amazing museums, theres always plenty to see and admire


these are my photos of bubbles, showcasing their delicacy and fragility as they exist for so brief of a time